Management committees

The size and diversity of Imperial’s operations has led to all significant entities being managed through divisional boards and executive committees.

While the Imperial board of directors delegates authority through the group CEO to his direct reports and in turn to theirs, the group executive committee and the subsidiary boards exercise statutory oversight of assets and control of performance within the bounds of Imperial’s board-approved strategies and budgets, with executive committees controlling day-to-day operating performance within the parameters set by the group delegation of authority policy.

Executive committee

The group’s executive committee is responsible for:

  • devising group strategy for recommendation to the board of directors and implementing the strategies and policies approved by the board
  • managing the day-to-day business and affairs of the group.

The members of the executive committee are appointed by the board. The committee consists of nine members and meets at least once a month.

Mr M Akoojee was appointed in an executive position in the Logistics Africa division and resigned from the committee with effect from 30 September 2015. Mr JJ Strydom, the previous CEO of Regent, resigned from the committee with effect from 4 November 2015. Mr C Taucke, the CEO of the Logistics International division, resigned from the committee with effect from 1 July 2016, following the decision to combine the Africa and International Logistics businesses.